Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wilderness Hawthorn

My sweet wilderness Hawthorn blouse!

The big day is finally here! I've finally finished my Hawthorn blouse and have the photos up! This blouse is another Collette Patterns pattern. I was starting to think this day would never come because I was really dragging my feet on this pattern. I did a SBA after making my first muslin and I thought the blouse would fit perfectly. Unfortunately, somehow I didn't leave enough room to button the blouse.... This was remedied by adding loops rather than buttonholes! The loops actually look pretty cute, and who would know that they weren't planned? Nobody, that's who!

A very fitted Hawthorn blouse. And the pattern almost matches ;)

I love how the peplum looks from the back - soo full and girly!

Enjoying the flowers behind my Grandparents' house

I really love this pattern, it is so pretty and feminine. It was really simple to put together too - just make sure you make the right size  ;)  I can't wait to try the sleeveless dress version sometime. The fun wilderness animal fabric and the chambray is from Home Ec. in Iowa City.

Balancing with my sweet peplum down the hill :)

We found a little friend!

My sister helped me take these photos, while we were on a break from zentangeling with my Grandma. Josh, my fiance and blog photographer, has now started grad school in Virginia. So thanks Amanda for  sharing your lovely photo skills! My next sewing project will be starting my wedding dress. Yay!