Friday, July 8, 2016

Jasper Sweater for Mom

Wow! I have severely neglected this blog over the past couple months! Yikes! At the end of April, Josh and I moved back to the Midwest from Virginia. We lived with my parents for a few weeks before moving into a new apartment in June. I'm super slow at unpacking, so we are still getting settled into our new home.

Back in May, I finished a Jasper sweater for my Mom's Mother's Day gift. I've wanted to make a Jasper for my Mom ever since I first saw the pattern - she loves buttons. This was my first time using a pattern from Paprika Patterns and I definitely want to make this one again (for myself)!

My first welt pockets

Inside pocket lining fabric  :)

I used a sweatshirt fleece and a cotton jersey knit from Girl Charlee Fabrics. The sweatshirt fleece was a dream to work with - it was so soft! Also, since it doesn't have stretch, it moves through the machine really easily. I used a vintage button on the epaulet. I was cursing myself a little for picking out striped fabric, when I had to try matching the stripes along the curve of the cowl neck and the princess seams, but I got through it. Paprika Patterns has a great tutorial for matching stripes on their blog. Mine didn't turn out perfectly but they are close enough  :)

Pattern: Paprika Patterns' Jasper Sweater
Fabric: Sweatshirt fleece and cotton jersey from Girl Charlee Fabrics
Did I like the pattern? Very much!

Next On My Sewing Table

I still need to finish my Seamwork Osaka skirt. I accidentally cut some of the pieces backwards, but luckily some of my fabric is reversible - so I think I can fix the problem without recutting! We shall see! I also really want to make the new Seamwork Weston shorts - they are so cute!