Monday, April 27, 2015

New Fabric

Getting new fabric is always so exciting - especially when it comes in the mail and you aren't exactly sure which day it will arrive. I got these beauties recently and they came with a cute garment tag - awesome! The blue quilted fabric is soon-to-be a swing-top tee, and the hot pink jacquard is destined to become a lovely By Hand London Sophia dress!

Other than buying pretty fabric, I've been busy organizing and redecorating my sewing corner. I added in extra storage and moved all my thread onto its own shelf - so I can find the colors I  need faster. Still move organizing to do, but it's already looking so much better  :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Springtime Zinnia

Zinnia skirt

Spring is in full bloom here in Virginia, and I finally have time to put pictures up of my Colette Zinnia skirt! Josh & I have been so busy the past month, he was finishing up the thesis project for his MFA and I had my lovely friend Emily visiting. Emily made a zinnia also, and it was so fun to work on our skirts together! Unfortunately we didn't have time to take a photo in our skirts before she left - but her's turned out absolutely gorgeous!

Chambray zinnia skirt

I made my skirt out of a really pretty chambray with dots woven into it. I bought it at Home Ec. in Iowa City over a year ago, without knowing exactly what it would become. I miss that place, they have the cutest fabric. I haven't found a place like it yet in Virginia. Any suggestions?

Sooo many pleats

Pretty pleats!

Overall, this was a simple pattern to make, and it's a skirt I will be able to wear a lot! The most time consuming part was sewing and ironing all the pleats. This skirt has 16 pleats — yes, 16! They do look really pretty though, when they're done  :)  At first I was really confused about how to apply the waistband. Luckily Emily and I talked through it and figured it out.

Sewing the buttonhole!

Yesterday Josh and I celebrated our first anniversary! We went biking, drank wine, and saw the amazing Mr. Bob Dylan. It was perfect. Bob Dylan was awesome  :)  I made Josh a silk paisley tie - pictures of that to come soon!