Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Elephant Pincushion Time! Spring Palette Challenge #1


I completed the first pattern of my Spring Palette Challenge!

And what a joy this little elephant was to make. I used the Effie & Ollie pattern from Heather Bailey to make this sweet little guy. It was super easy and quick to follow. I am soo used to cutting out clothes - where the pattern pieces are really big. Who knew making a mini-thing would take so much less time? I got the little guy done in one afternoon!

Here are a few pics of the process:

I like to trace my patterns, especially with clothing, then I can go back to the original pattern and make different sizes.

The ear gets sewn in between the head and body pieces.

The trickiest part was sewing the second side of his body together.
My Fiance holding the empty (skinny) elephant!

After choosing the right button-eyes he was done!

This elephant was so fun to make! I was smiling every minute, because it is just so darn cute. The examples on the pattern have felt flowers and stars sewn on - I definitely want to make some like that too!

This first elephant is a Mother's Day gift for my Mom. She is a quilter/ wool mitten-maker and I think she will love it. Eventually I want to make a pincushion for each of my grandmothers - and of course one for me!

And what a cute little tail!

I already started cutting fabric for my second project of the challenge, a very-blue Peony dress from Colette Patterns. I am making the bodice in a light-blue embroidered cotton and the skirt in dark-blue denim. I also bought some pretty blue trim for around the waist and maybe the neckline!


  1. It is so adorable - I am thinking of rushing out to buy the pattern ASAP! I am always afraid of sewing such little things that require shaping. I am half afraid my elephant would look more like a huge blob with a trunk!

    1. Thanks! I was worried about the same thing - but I've made it 3 times and it hasn't been a problem. You should make one!