Monday, November 25, 2013

I Love Seattle

Wearing my Hawthorn blouse in beautiful Seattle!

One of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. It just got more and more vibrant.

Day 1

At the beginning of October I visited Seattle for the first time with my fiance Josh. We went there to see our friends Emily and Frank. Wow, what a great city - I loved it!

Fun at the farmer's market!

One of my favorite parts of Seattle was the public market. We went there everyday and found new things each day. They had beautiful bouquets, tons of local fish, and many talented local artisans.

Day 2

One thing I really loved about Seattle was the great parks. You can be in town, but still feel like you are out in nature. We went to a park in Capitol Hill with a water tower you can climb up and a whole garden patch of dahlias. 

Back at the farmer's market!

Climbing up the watertower.

The conservatory was closed for the day - but I took a peek inside!

That's a lot of Seattle pics for one day - I will share more soon! I really recommend visiting Seattle, I know I'll be back  :)