Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cooper Christmas

For the first time ever - my sewing was mistaken for store-boughten. I made my sister a Colette Cooper for Christmas and I had to tell my family that I made it - they didn't just guess  :) Don't get me wrong, I obviously think handmade items are "where it's at," but I was just tickled. I'm very proud of this bag!

I decorated the inside pocket with girl scout and boy scout badges!

My sister loves camping, so I made her a camping themed bag compete with a compass, girl scout badges, and some water-proof matches inside. This backpack is made out of a recycled felted wool blanket, denim, and ripstop. I love the texture of the felted wool - it is gorgeous, however it was sooo thick it was difficult to fit through my machine! Next time I will probably use regular wool.

I found some sporty looking webbing - perfect for camping!

The pattern has a lot of pieces and many steps, so it took me a while to finish this one. It was totally worth all the work though. It was fun learning how to make straps and learning to install the hardware. I bought one of the hardware sets from Colette Pattern's store Gifts for Crafters. The matching hardware gives the bag a really finished look.


Despite the cold, my sister agreed to do a photoshoot with me the day after Christmas. We went for a walk in the woods behind our parent's house. I love how the bright red bag looks against the snowy background. 

Found some cool ice.

Striking a pose!

We had fun taking photos. Amanda did a great job as the model! I really want to make another Cooper bag for myself, but first I need to finish my wedding dress. I started cutting lace for my final practice version last night  :)


  1. This looks amazing! great job! Do you think it would make a nice diaper bag?
    Also, I love you and your sisters snow boots. Do you know what brand they are?
    Thank you. I really does look amazing!

  2. Thanks so much! It might work well as a diaper bag, but it is a little narrow inside. I bought my boots at Younkers a few years ago and I think my sister got hers at a local farm supply store :)

  3. I just saw this on the Colette Flickr feed. You did a terrific job--fantastic fabric choice, and the badges are a perfect touch! You mentioned the red felt was a little tricky to sew. What thread and needle combination did you use? I was thinking of using similar fabrics; (I love the color red and wool felt!). I also love your mittens and your sister's infinity scarf!

    1. Thank you! The only tricky part about the wool is that it was a felted wool blanket, so it was extremely thick - much thicker than normal felt. It was especially thick when I had to fold it over and square the corners - it almost didn't fit under my machine's foot. I don't think you will have any trouble will regular felt. I used cotton thread and size 110/18 heavy duty needles. Let me know if you have any other questions :)

    2. My Mom made the mittens - aren't they great! I'm trying to get her to sell them on Etsy :)

  4. Great job - I haven't been inspired to try this pattern, but I love your end result. Maybe I will give it a go! The badges are a nice touch too.