Saturday, August 23, 2014

More Needle Felting Fun

Needle felted coffee mug

I've been doing more needle felting lately. It's a fun - fast project to work on. As long as you start with a glimmer of an idea, all you have to do is add more wool until it looks correct. Check out my post from January for more info on needle felting.

Needle felted donut with sprinkles  :)

My first needle felting projects were all animals. I made a cute fox in the needle felting class I took, and then I made some birds and a deer as gifts. This time around I went for fun objects  :)  I'm especially happy with the sprinkle donut and pretty coffee mug. They work perfectly as pin cushions, and it's really fun to have a donut pin cushion!

Needle felted mushroom

Needle felted spool pincushion  :)

Aside from needle felting, my summer has been pretty busy. We've made a few trips to the blueridge mountains - they are so beautiful! We spent one weekend hiking in the mountains and blackberry picking with friends. The following weekend Josh and I went caving in the blueridge mountains.

View from the top of Crabtree Falls

Picking some blackberries! This berry farm is also a winery - HECK YES!

Our spoils (don't worry - we got some "Mountain Apple" wine too!)

Under the mountain!

The second cave was very muddy - and very fun!
Today I'm going to start cutting out my new Colette Myrtle pattern. I've never sewn with knits before, so I'm a little weary - but still very excited. Happy weekend all!

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