Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Midnight Myrtle

Midnight black Myrtle

My lovely Myrtle

I finished my black textured Myrtle, and I love, love, LOVE it! The fabric is so luxuriously soft and drapes so beautifully. It is a joy to wear, wearing it literally feels like I am wrapped up in the world's softest blanket. I will say, this fabric was stretchier than the fabric on my test Myrtle. At first the stretchiness was a real problem - when I sewed the back neckline hem, it got a little stretched out. To remedy this problem, I sewed Stay Tape to most of my seams to keep them from stretching out of shape. It helped a lot with keeping the shape of the dress from getting all wonky-tonk.

Myrtle back

Myrtle emotions!

 My silky textured fabric

Aside from the stretching fabric, I really enjoyed sewing the dress. There aren't many pattern pieces and they come together very quickly. If you do decide to try the Stay Tape, always keep in mind that using it will keep that fabric from stretching (seems obvious, but it's easy to forget). If you really need the fabric to be able to stretch in a certain area, be careful about using the tape. I was hesitant to use it on the waistline, but it ended up being fine - especially since the waist is so gathered. I used my dressform again to help pin the elastic around the waist, just as I did with my practice Myrtle. It worked really well to help stretch the elastic while I pinned.

Pinning the waistline

Josh and I walked around Richmond Sunday morning and took pictures of my dress. We found lots of great photo-ops on the walk from our apartment to breakfast. Earlier in the week I was starting to feel the coming of fall in the air and I wanted to incorporate that into the photos, but when Sunday morning came along, a heat-wave came with it. There was a high of 90 degrees! So I kept the sweater + Myrtle photos to a minimum (but I did include them  :) because I love fall and I can't wait to celebrate it!).

Our neighborhood is blessed with many cats

Breakfast time!

Czeching out the menu

Lots of photos to share this time, but that's what happens when you have a lovely dress and a lovely morning walk  :)  And as promised the ode to fall...

Mixing it up with a striped sweater and vintage cap!

Then I saw the book I was grabbing was about graphic design - awesome :)


  1. I really love that dress ! It's sophisticated but yet easy to wear.
    I discovered your blog days ago. You are very talented.