Sunday, November 23, 2014

Grey Cat Mask

Wool cat mask

For Halloween, I made this wool cat mask - similar to the fox mask I made a few years ago. Josh and I went to the All the Saints Parade in Richmond. It was amazing - anyone how wants to can join in, there was a marching band, and people made really cool giant paper-mache puppets that they paraded through the streets. After that, we went on a haunted hayride with some friends and ran (& screamed) our way through a haunted forest. The mask was a perfect/casual costume for the night.

Adding whiskers!

I started the project by sketching out my mask on tracing paper. Then I cut it out and tried it on. The eyes weren't positioned exactly right, so I moved them and tried it again. When I got the shape correct, I started cutting my materials. The grey wool is from a felted wool sweater, the back is the same shape cut out of black felt, and hidden between the layers is a thin plastic layer (cut from an old plastic folder) to add support.

My mask  :)

For the fox mask, I used paint to add details to the mask. This time around, I decided to needle-felt all my details on. It worked really well! I needle-felted all the black and pink areas, except for the whiskers - which are a thin black yarn. Finally, I hand-stitched the front to the back, sandwiching in my ric-rac ties. And it was that easy!

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