Monday, April 13, 2015

Springtime Zinnia

Zinnia skirt

Spring is in full bloom here in Virginia, and I finally have time to put pictures up of my Colette Zinnia skirt! Josh & I have been so busy the past month, he was finishing up the thesis project for his MFA and I had my lovely friend Emily visiting. Emily made a zinnia also, and it was so fun to work on our skirts together! Unfortunately we didn't have time to take a photo in our skirts before she left - but her's turned out absolutely gorgeous!

Chambray zinnia skirt

I made my skirt out of a really pretty chambray with dots woven into it. I bought it at Home Ec. in Iowa City over a year ago, without knowing exactly what it would become. I miss that place, they have the cutest fabric. I haven't found a place like it yet in Virginia. Any suggestions?

Sooo many pleats

Pretty pleats!

Overall, this was a simple pattern to make, and it's a skirt I will be able to wear a lot! The most time consuming part was sewing and ironing all the pleats. This skirt has 16 pleats — yes, 16! They do look really pretty though, when they're done  :)  At first I was really confused about how to apply the waistband. Luckily Emily and I talked through it and figured it out.

Sewing the buttonhole!

Yesterday Josh and I celebrated our first anniversary! We went biking, drank wine, and saw the amazing Mr. Bob Dylan. It was perfect. Bob Dylan was awesome  :)  I made Josh a silk paisley tie - pictures of that to come soon!


  1. I'm still in awe of people that can sew. I can only hem and adjust things but this takes some serious patience and talent. My hat is off to you madam. Lol! The skirt is amazing and so are your images and yay for Spring!

    1. Thank you so much Taylor! If you can hem, you are half way there yourself!

  2. I was looking for inspiration for making my own Zinnia skirt when I found your version and I must say that LOVE yours! The Chambray fabric is a great option :D