Sunday, January 29, 2017

Striped Linden Sweatshirt

Linden Sweatshirt

Linden Sweatshirt

Linden Sweatshirt

After wearing my Grainline Studios Linden Sweatshirt for MONTHS.... I guess it's finally about time to post it! Oh my gosh, have I been slacking on posting or what? Anyways, this was my first time making the Linden and it was an amazing experience. I love using Grainline patterns because the fit is always sooo great. This pattern is especially great because it is fast and super easy to make. After making my own I made each of my sisters one for Christmas. More pictures of them to come!

Mom wore the Seamwork Astoria sweater I made when I was home for Thanksgiving!
I wore my Linden when I voted!

I made view B with the cropped waist and sleeves. It looks great with skinny jeans and still keeps me warm. The best part about view B though, is that it only has 4 pattern pieces which makes it really fast to cut. ONLY FOUR! That's hard to beat. I made a straight size four and it fits really well. The waist on the Grainline Alder was a little short for my waist, but the waist length on this pattern is perfect for me.

Linden Sweatshirt

Linden Sweatshirt

The fabric is a french terry from I love the color, but I was a little disappointed in the quality. It is much thinner than I expected and started getting pilly after the first wash. Now I only wash it by hand. It was not very expensive though, so I guess you get what you pay for. It still looks really cute, so I'm happy.

Pattern: Grainline Studio's Linden Sweatshirt
Fabric: Lightweight french terry from
Did I like the pattern? I love this pattern. It is definitely going to be a go-to for me!

I want to make a million more of these short sleeve Lindens. I found a really interesting textured knit fabric at an antique store recently and I'm thinking that will be my next Linen. In the mean time, I started sewing my first Grainline Archer (with fabric from that same antique store) and a self-drafted backpack. Hopefully I'll have pictures of my sister's Lindens for you soon!


  1. Great looking shirt - as is the one you made for your Mum. I'm looking forward to seeing the textured knit fabric - that sounds fantastic.

    1. Thanks SoleCrafts!!! I think that one is going to be really fun to wear :)