Friday, July 6, 2012

Neon Sencha!

Today I wore one of my versions of the Colette Sencha blouse, and I wondered, why have I never blogged this?

I actually made this one several months ago from some of my favorite fabric in my stash. It turned out too big, but since I used some of my favorite fabric I decided to make the most of it. I folded the fabric over itself in the back and sewed it up. It isn't the prettiest from the back - but I like wearing cardigans anyway :D

I thrifted this fabric from a second hand shop in Iowa City. I love the pattern!

The back has matching fabric covered buttons

Please ignore the wrinkles. It was 100 degrees today in Iowa, too too too hot to iron!

Oh no! Sooo many wrinkles!

Out on the town! Apparently the fabric glows. 

Next on my sewing table....

To finish the Colette Spring Palette Challenge I was suppose to make a skirt. The fabric I picked out is a beautiful blue wool, but it is way too hot for wool. I am in the mood to make some shorts, so the skirt is going on the back burner for a little while.

The Colette Iris pattern

Last weekend my friend Jessica and I had a craft day, and started cutting out pattern pieces for the Colette Iris pattern. I made a practice pair, and they were a little snug so now I need to re-cut pattern pieces in a size 6. I bought the coolest fabric at Home Ec.  The fabric has a tape measure pattern and the shorts are going to be sewing themed! I'm really excited. Jessica bought some really cool upholstery fabric with great texture. When we get done, I will have to post a picture of the two of us.