Monday, July 23, 2012

These Shorts Measure Up!

Today I finished my final project for the Colette Spring/Summer Challenge! Originally I planned to make a Colette Beignet skirt with a beautiful teal wool. Then it got really hot and summery outside and I decided to make my first pair of Colette Iris shorts!

The shorts are sewing themed. I bought the fabric at my favorite fabric store, Home Ec. in Iowa City. I decided to add the wide ric-rac at the waistband, as part of my ode to sewing :D  

I positioned the ric-rac and basted it on, before sewing the waistband to the shorts

The pocket fabric is from a vintage pillowcase!

I wore the shorts on a hike at the Mines of Spain park in Dubuque. What a beautiful backdrop for a beautiful pair of  shorts!

Pretty wildflowers

Next on my sewing table

This week I bought the Violet shirt pattern from Colette patterns. I want to make a shirt to match my Sew Shorts! I'm thinking white with a black collar.


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  2. you have an amazing blog! keep on the good work !

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  3. Love those shorts! I just made a dress out the same fabric, except it's in yellow. Might have to make a pair of shorts like you---those are so cute!

  4. I've seen the yellow fabric, that would make such a cute dress. Now I want to make one!