Saturday, August 11, 2012

Roy Lichtenstein & a Sencha Blouse

Sencha blouse and patterned skirt hitting the city!

Last weekend I visited my sister in Chicago and gave her a beautiful Colette Sencha blouse. Originally I made her a Sencha blouse for Christmas, but forgot to adjust the pattern to her 6'1" frame. I kept the original blouse, shown in my Handmade Christmas post, and gave her a much prettier one.

She must be saying, "This is my favorite shirt ever!"

Another motive for visiting was going to Lollapalooza. My sister and I are both HUGE Jack White fans, and this was my first time seeing him in concert. He was amazing! I wore my Ode to Sewing shorts to the concert.

The amazing Jack White

Now back to the shirt... I bought some beautiful silky cotton at Home Ec. and I put white pearly buttons up the back. This time I made the shirt 4 inches longer and it fit perfectly.

White buttons up the back

We decided to do a photo shoot at the Chicago Art Institute. They have an amazing Roy Lichtenstein exhibit up. If you're not familiar, he is a really famous pop artist. Now for more photos!

Waiting outside the Art Institute

My favorite Lichtenstein at the show!


The Art Institute has an amazing collection, so after the Lichtenstein exhibit we tried to see as much as we could before closing time.



Next on my sewing table....

Up next is a Colette Negroni shirt for Josh. He has been waiting patiently while I work through all my other projects. It's an intermediate pattern, so this is going to be interesting!


  1. Cute Sencha! I can't wait to see your Negroni - I have been wanting to make one for awhile but the man in my life doesn't reall like button up shirts unless he is forced- lol!

  2. You should make a really casual one for him. I'm making a cowboy-style Negroni!

  3. NICE work on that shirt! Nothing like a simple scallop pattern. Fits that sis of yours perfectly.