Friday, September 7, 2012

Negroni's Day Out

My first try at an intermediate pattern was a success! Labor Day weekend I finished the Colette Negroni shirt for Josh and he wore it the next day! I had many reservations going into the project, but the pattern was easy to follow and the instructions and pictures were so helpful.

Back yoke of the cowboy inspired negroni.

Lately Josh has been getting more adventurous with his style. He is especially attracted to retro and vintage clothing, and he loves cowboy shirts. Who doesn't love cowboy shirts? You have the pockets and yokes to play with, there are so many possibilities!

Piecing the Negroni together.

Yikes! 1st fitting  :)

Negroni basking in the sun

Every year my family goes to the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, IA. It's a fair that celebrates the history of midwest farmers and rural life. I've never really been too interested in farming, but it's a fun family tradition and we always have a great time  :)

Old picture of people threshing and a special guest!

I found a little friend!

What a fun day! Eventually I am going to make him a Negroni with long sleeves  :)

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