Thursday, June 27, 2013

Color-blocked Iris

My color-blocked iris shorts.

On Monday night I finished a pair of Iris shorts. I love them. I really am starting to feel like I've turned a corner in my sewing and I am starting to get better-and-better results. My once holly-hobby finishings are becoming polished, and my sewing confidence is rising.

Front view of Iris shorts

Back view of Iris shorts

I decided to take a risk this time and do a fun color-blocked version. I'm so glad I trusted my instinct because they turned out so Me.

My seams are bound with bias tape - I love how it adds a hidden pop of color!

I've been teaching myself to sew using online tutorials and different sewing books - so I don't always know the best ways of doing things. One thing I learned from my new Pattern Making Primer - is how to pin fabric together. I used to start on one end, with the pins, and then just keep pinning till I reached the other end. Many times I would end up with extra fabric at the end that didn't match up. I was probably stretching the fabric. My new book taught me to pin each end first, then to pin all the notches on the pattern, and finally to evenly pin the rest. It seems so simple, but to someone without basic sewing knowledge it was so helpful. All of my seams matched up and I didn't have any fabric left over at the end of the seam. Yippee!

We took pictures again at Maquoketa Caves State Park. It is so beautiful there, especially now with all the plants growing - it is just lush. Monday was a crazy day though, weather-wise. I started driving home from work and saw a fast moving shelf cloud coming right towards me. I have never seen anything like it before. All of the sudden my car was shaking from the force of the wind and I had to slow down to keep my car on the road. I turned around and went back to work to wait out the storm. It passed by very quickly because of the speed of the wind. When we went to the caves that night, water was rushing through them and you could hear the water roar as you walked down towards the cave. We stayed out of the caves, the sound alone was exhilarating enough.

I thought it would be pretty to take a photo with me walking out of the plants.

Before and after the wood nettle attack!

I thought a picture of me walking through the rich-saturated green plants would be really pretty.  Immediately when I tried to push the plants aside, they stung me! It was a very sharp pain. A quick google image search revealed to me that the offending plant was a Wood Nettle. I am very familiar with its cousin, the Stinging Nettle, but hadn't seen this variety before. I sure know it now :/

Plight of the Wood Nettle

I survived to take another photo  :)

These shorts are so comfy, I plan to wear them all summer. I have a couple more sewing projects on my plate. I recently purchased the Colette Hawthorn pattern and I am super excited about it. I will be taking part in the sew along. How about you? I have some really fun fabric, from Home Ec. in Iowa City, that I plan to use. I also want to start practicing making my own patterns, from what I'm learning in The Pattern Making Primer. It sounds crazy, but I might start trying to design my wedding dress. I can't find a pattern that matches my vision and my vision is really simple, so I want to try it! It will be fun  :)


  1. ...way awesome photo shoot and props! ~ aka ~ (woodland caves!) ~ looking forward to thine new adventures! ~ blessed be!...(O:

  2. They're so fun! Color blocking can look more on the Becky home-ecky side, but these are really stylish.

  3. Those shorts look great! I'm so jealous of how great you are with sewing. It seems like yesterday we were making up how to hem. Thanks for the pinning trick. I'll definitely need to try that out next time I sew.

  4. Such pretty shorts! I especially like how you're pairing them with brightly coloured shoes. The pinning tip sounds very smart. I've mostly given up pinning (I'm lazy) but I'll keep it in mind for important projects!

  5. Thank you everyone! You really have to try the pinning, it made such a difference for me.

    Jess - I think we are due for another sewing/craft day. Maybe we can have Sarah and Klink join in when we are all in NC?