Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lavender Blue

Our pretty soaps

On Saturday I had a lady's craft night with two of my friends. We didn't know what to make at first so we took a trip to Hobby Lobby and roamed the isles for awhile. We came across the soaps and thought it looked easy and fun - it was!

We bought soap suspension formulas which made it really easy. You just melt down the suspension formula in the microwave and then add any oils, butters, color, etc. you want. Next you pour your soap into a mould and let it dry. We are all graphic designers, so we each designed cute little tags while enjoying wine and a movie!

I named my goat's milk soap Lavender Blue after the song. It is loaded with almond oil, lavender buds, lavender oil, orange zest, and honey. Beth flavored her shea butter soap with honey, almond, and vanilla - it smells delicious. Alana's goat's milk soap contains lemon verbena oil and fresh lemon zest. We each made three of our own and traded with each other. They turned out so cute!

Yesterday I finished a pair of color blocked Iris shorts. Josh and I went to Maquoketa Caves to take pictures. It had rained all day, so when you walked down into the caves all you could hear was a loud rush of water. Muddy water, that looked like chocolate milk, pooled and crashed through the caves. It was really cool to see. Check in soon for the pics!

Sneak peek of my color blocked Iris shorts!