Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Mesa Dress (+ I finished my necklace!)

It's no secret... I love, love, LOVE the Seamwork Mesa pattern. This is the 5th time I've sewn it, but only the 3rd time I've made it for myself  :)   I just love how modern and simple the shape is, and how super easy and fast it is to put together. I end up wearing at least one of my Mesas every week. Want to check out my other Mesas? Mesa #1, Mesa #2, Mesas #3&4.  

I bought this fabric back in December, knowing that it would eventually become a mesa dress. The pattern on this sweater knit is pretty wild, but it works great with simplicity of the Mesa pattern. I cut a straight size S and increased the length by a few inches.

Pattern: Seamwork Magazine's Mesa Dress
Size: Small (lengthened a few inches)
Fabric: Light sweater knit from
Did I like the pattern? Oooh yeah, this is one of my go-to patterns!

I finished my necklace! Yay!!!

My jeweler's saw, aluminum, and brass

In other exciting news, I made a necklace! I've been wanting a minimalist statement necklace but I haven't wanted to spend the money on one. Awhile back, I dug-out my extra metal and jewelry-making supplies from college, and started cutting. Originally I wanted the lower triangle to be larger, but I changed my mind and made them both the same size. The necklace is made of aluminum, brass, and gold. 

I cut the two triangles with my jeweler's saw, drilled holes in them, sanded them, screwed them together with a teeny-tiny nut and bolt, and attached my chain with some wire. I bought the chain online.

Next on my sewing table:

I'm working on my first pair of jeans! I started cutting and topstitching some Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans  :)  I'm a little intimidated about making jeans, but also really excited!


  1. I love all versions, but this has to be my favorite!such a lovely print.

  2. This dress is on my to-sew list! I like the fabric you chose; I'll have to look into sweater knits when I finally give this pattern a try. Great work on the necklace, too!

  3. Loving that patterned fabric! And I've just subscribed to Seamwork magazine so I can get my hands on this pattern :)

  4. Loving that patterned fabric! And I've just subscribed to Seamwork magazine so I can get my hands on this pattern :)

  5. Thanks guys! I love the Mesa Dress! :)

  6. It looks so good!! I found your blog while googling the Mesa dress, and your version has convinced me to get this pattern this month (I was ummming and ahing over which Seamwork patterns to download)! Hoping this will be a great work staple!

  7. Beautiful dress! I love the fabric and I really need to give that pattern a try. The necklace is also beautiful :)