Friday, March 16, 2012

Handmade Christmas

The ruffle scarf was actually a finale to a whole handmade Christmas. As I love making homemade gifts, this past Christmas I wanted to make something special for all of my immediate family members. For my father - pajama pants, for my mother - a dress, my oldest sister - a blouse, and for my little sister a vest (the vest has yet to come into fruition - but it will make the blog some day).

Things didn't go quite as planned- they never do however, so I should have expected it. I planned on spreading the work out through December, but I got sick, my sewing machine died, and my fiance took me on a lovely vacation (poor me). Somehow I pulled it together - used all my free time sewing like a mad-woman, and by Christmas I had created some special gifts that I was proud to give. And I got a fancy new sewing machine in the process!

Some Christmas morning festivities!

The photo above is of my Dad in his new homemade pajama pants and my older sister playing the harmonica I gave my Dad for Christmas. I took everyone's measurements a month before, claiming that it was purely out of curiosity. They didn't really buy that, haha. My Dad's pants were created from Simplicity's 2037. They were super fast and easy to make.

Sencha blouse and Ginger skirt from Colette Patterns

My older sister is a little over 6 feet tall. One of her gifts was the Sencha blouse from Colette Patterns. With Maria's height I should have lengthened the blouse, but I didn't and it came up to her belly button. Ooops! That wasn't really the look I was imagining for her, so I kept the Sencha top and I am making her a new one.

Mom in the Peony - wearing the necklace I made her for Mother's Day!

When my Mom first tried on her Peony dress, another Colette patterns marvel, we could barely get it zipped up! How disappointing, after I had been working night and day to finish my presents by Christmas! Obviously I have some trouble with making things in the correct sizes - I would probably benefit from a dress-form. I was resolved to fix it though and it ended up being fairly simple. The bodice half was too tight, so I kept the skirt and made a new bodice for it. Look how beautiful she looks. Mission accomplished.

My goal for next year... Start sooner  :)

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