Friday, March 23, 2012

Tracking my new addition!

That is right, a new addition! And this lady is trackable through the UPS website, so of course I have been checking the website a few times (or more) a day. It is my very first dressform! I am too excited! This dressform is going to change my life - one correctly fitting garment at a time. I like to make clothing for my family members, so old Blue will be invaluable with fitting everything.

Dritz Craft Rambler Double Deluxe!

I have been living vicariously through this double for the past few days, while she makes her way to Iowa on a cross country road trip. I ordered the form on earlier this week and I have been amazed and intrigued at it's shipping process.

Two days ago the journey began in Salt Lake City. Blue (yes, I am lame and calling it (her) that) departed the next day and made it all the way to Commerce City, CO. That's about 532 miles and 8 hours of driving.   I had never heard of Commerce City, so I thought I would give it a look. Apparently it is home to around 46,000 people, they have a majestic mountain view, it's near Barr Lake State Park (I love State Parks), and Wiki says they are known for greyhound racing (interesting thing to be known for? hmmm). I guess old Blue had enough dog racing, because today she busted out headed for the Midwest. She landed in Omaha, NE at 2 pm (another 8 hour trek - 529 miles).

The "early arrival" date is scheduled for tomorrow. The dressform made it all the way to Des Moines, IA at 10 pm tonight (another 2.5 hours - 140 miles). Once she gets here, Blue will be staying in one place for a while. Home sweet home!

When it's all said and done total mileage will be ~1,281 miles.... and I will be one happy lady!

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